Certain helps you attain your RSPO certificate

Does your company sell products containing sustainable palm oil? If so, the inclusion of an RSPO claim is essential.
To make this claim, you must have an RSPO certificate. Certain is your partner of choice for helping you attain RSPO certification. Discover why group certification is the right solution for your company!


New Supply Chain standard coming

The RSPO is in the process of revising the Supply Chain Standard. The first public consultation was finished in september.

10+ years of experience

Since 2003, Certain has specialized in group management of various supply chain systems. More than 1000 companies have already benefited from our expertise managing their group certificates.

Profitable certificate

Certification in a group formula means that the cost of certification is shared by all the group members. The Group Manager manages the system documentation and makes sure it is always up-to-date.


Personal approach

Our personal approach helps you to make the right choices throughout the certification process. When group certification is not applicable to your situation, we act as a consultant for the individual certification process. In either case, you can count on our knowledge and experience throughout the entire term of validity of your certificate. Our pragmatic approach is what our more than 1000 customers value the most. Their satisfaction is our greatest reward. “Making complex things simple” has been our motto right from the start.

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